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What is a Transpersonal Approach?

Psychotherapy has evolved from its origins in psychoanalysis, through Behavioural  into Humanistic and Existential to the 4th force of Transpersonal.  It includes all that has gone before and moves beyond to integrate the spiritual aspect of human existence.  Working in this psychospiritual way includes enhancing our awareness and expanding consciousness.  It makes our unconscious behaviours and beliefs conscious which gives us the power to choose change our ways and live more fully present. 

Is Counselling for you?

If you answer YES to any of these questions Psychosynthesis Counselling is something that could help.

Do you suffer from anxiety, depression or addiction?

Do you find it hard to cope with everyday life?

Are you unhappy much of the time?

Do you find it hard to find meaning or purpose in your life? 

Are you feeling overwhelmed too often?

Have you experienced a relationship breakup or a bereavement? 

Do you feel trapped?

Are you repeatedly falling into the same old traps or patterns of behaviour?

My Approach

What is Psychosynthesis?

Psychosynthesis is part of a wider movement of psychospiritual development, exploration and enquiry.  It is sometimes called a 'transpersonal' approach because it integrates the spiritual aspect of human experience.  

Working in a psychospiritual way means meeting and including our challenges, pain and past - as well as our lighter joyful aspects of ourselves.  In other words, it includes the full range of human experience.  

Psychosynthesis is a liberating discipline - a map to help navigate personal experience and a toolbox for life.  

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My Approach
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