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Anne-Marie Lynch

Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy Counselling. MBACP, MIACP accredited. 

“Self-consciousness involves our being a witness – a pure, objective, loving witness – to what is happening within and without.”
Roberto Assagioli, founder of psychosynthesis

Sounds Good!  The practice of psychosynthesis counselling enables you to take charge of yourself and helps stop the feeling of being a slave to old habits, damaging thoughts and outdated internal 'downloads'.  

Introduction to My Work

To begin, let me say that one of the most important aspects of psychosynthesis is the understanding that we are individual, unique, independent souls.  You are not your anxiety, depression or whatever label or identity that you may currently feel or believe.  You are more than your experience.  It is easy to get caught up in different identities, to become overwhelmed and lost.  One of the first tasks of counselling is to identify these parts of ourselves in order to disidentify and feel some more freedom internally.  This helps to change behaviour and mood.  And, this is just the start.  

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Contact Me

Anne-Marie works from a therapeutic space in Cork City Centre.  It is private and accessible.  Confidentiality is  assured.  Her aim is to provide a safe and comfortable setting for counselling.  Alternatively, She also offers online sessions.  Virtual counselling has opened up the counselling room to the world and this has been worthwhile and an enriching experience, Anne-Marie has been working remotely for many years.

11 Marlboro Street



T12 Y6YD

Tel: 00 353 87 7921522 


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